Millennium Park, Abuja


It is the largest public park in Abuja and is within the Maitama District of the city. It is located close to the nucleus of the presidential and administrative buildings in the city. A river in its main rectilinear axis divides the park into two sides.   One side of the park is dedicated to its uncontaminated nature. With a system of terraces at different levels are located Nigeria’s mountain vegetation, savanna, deciduous forest, rain forest and brushwood as well as greenhouses for butterflies and tropical birds.

On the other side, corresponding to the main entrance from the road, is dedicated to the scientific knowledge of the natural environment. This part of the park has a very traditional and rigid Italian style garden layout. A rectilinear path completely paved with Roman white travertine brings the public into its green areas. A series of fountains run alongside this white path refreshing the public during the hottest days. This park, conceived and designed by the Italian architect, Manfredi Nicoletti , has quickly become one of the main attractions of the city of Abuja bringing thousands of people together each day. – See more at: